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VELUX Premio Internacional de estudiantes de Arquitectura 2022

International VELUX Award 2022 for students of architecture is open for registrations!

The International VELUX Award is a competition for students of architecture, which runs every second year. In 2022 the competition celebrates the 10th edition!

Students of architecture from around the world are invited to register their participation and join the community of more than 5000 students who have participated so far.

Here on the website you can find rich library of filmed lectures, daylight talks, and articles created by architects, journalist and researchers. These are valuable resources while working on your projects; for finding the inspiration and for expanding the understanding of the importance of daylight for the life on Earth.

Register now with your name and email, and then gather your team, connect with your teacher and start working on your daylight projects. The submission period opens 15 April 2022!

Register now!

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